"I know not what course others may take, but for me, give me Liberty or give me Death" Patrick Henry

In today's uncertain world it is comforting to know that there are men and women who stand up and offer real ideas and real solutions to today's challenges. The people of Texas' 30th Congressional District deserve to have one of these heroic individuals represent them in Washington, D.C., and Fred Wood is seeking that opportunity.

Fred Wood knows the problems the people of District 30 face today because he faces them as well. As a small business owner, he understands the need for a better economy built on free market principles and and entrepreneurship. As a former IT contractor, Fred has seen first hand the desperate condition the United States Immigration System is in, and as a driver, Fred knows what the high fuel prices do to the bottom line. The Economy, immigration, and energy costs are real problems in need of real solutions and real change, and Fred Wood is the only  candidate that can achieve real change for District 30.

For 16 years the people of District 30 have been misrepresented for the sake of the status quo. It is time the people of District 30 to speak out against the special interest and demand real change for their community. Fred Wood is the only opportunity for change presented to district 30, so let's work hard and elect FRED WOOD to Congress in 2008!!!

As the Republican candidate for the 30th Congressional District, Fred Wood offers real conservative ideas and genuine dynamic solutions that offer real hope and real change for the  great people of District 30.