"I know not what course others may take, but for me, give me Liberty or give me Death" Patrick Henry


We live in a world of real problems that demand real solutions. Falling home prices, high fuel costs and a devalued dollar make it easy to see how the American people would have little confidence in the future of America's economy; however, the economy is stronger than it might seem, and has a very strong potential of rebounding in the near future.

What is needed to help facilitate an economic recovery is a return to free market principles that deregulates industry and encourages entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of our economy and should be protected from policies that seek to regulate entrepreneurs out of the market. The current policies of the Democrat led 110th Congress create uncertainty with investors and stifles growth through increased taxes and greater regulations. It is unmistakable, that if we continue the policies of more regulation and higher taxes our economy will continue to weaken.

America's economic history has always been strong, because the founding fathers and subsequent generations believed in the free market and knew our strength was in our ingenuity. This is why it is important that any economic policy that is pursued by our government be consistent with the strong economic policies of the past. If done so, it will lead to a strong economic future and create a generation who still has a chance to reach the American dream.


A robust economy requires that business be able to get goods and services to the customer at a reasonable price. The cost of fuel today is hindering the ability of many small businesses to be able to compete, and workers have to make the decision of whether they go to work or pay this month's bills. We can no longer afford to stand by and do nothing. The time for a solution to our energy problems is now!

It is irresponsible to do nothing about the price of fuel and utility prices, while the American people are crying out for something to be done. The top priority of the U.S. Government must be to find alternative ways to ease the price at the pump and lower the price of utilities. No option should be off the table, and every option should be considered.

Right now Texas is leading the country in implementing alternative sources of energy. Texas uses nuclear, coal and wind to provide energy for Texas consumers. Texas is also home to one of the largest natural gas fields in the nation; the Barnett Shale. Using Texas as the example, the U.S. Government can work on increasing energy production and capacity for the whole country.

Whether you like it or not, oil is necessary part of our economy, and exploring for new sources of oil, whether in ANWR or off-shore, must be the first step in providing real immediate relief. The next step should be increasing refinery capabilities, and opening up closed refineries to new nuclear reactor construction. We also need to work with the business community to encourage research and development of alternative sources of energy, and we can accomplish this with tax incentives. If we move to fast towards alternative fuels, and ignore the real need for oil in our economy, we could irreparably damage our economy and the future of this country.

A genuinely comprehensive energy package is the only intelligent way to solve our nation’s energy problems.


Another issue that has a great effect on our nation’s economy is Immigration. Immigration has been thrust into the forefront of the American consciousness in recent years because of the public’s demand that something be done about illegal immigrants. I agree with the public that we must do something about the tide of illegal immigrants that flood into this country and put a tremendous strain on our economy. Being afraid to address the issue because of political expediency does not sit well with the American people.

That is why we must address this issue on two fronts. One, we must secure the borders to ensure that the number of illegal immigrants coming into this country is dramatically reduced, and two, we must fix an antiquated immigration system that takes way too long to process immigration requests.

Securing our borders is not only an immigration issue, but is also a national security issue. Without secure borders America remains vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and the increase of violent crime in our cities. The statistics are staggering when one sees the numbers of violent crimes that are committed every year by illegal immigrants; however, our borders are the first line of defense against foreign nationals who wish to do this country harm, and we must do everything to keep the American people safe.

Many of those who come to this country illegally would have, if given the chance, come here legally. However, when faced with the prospect of waiting 10 years or crossing the border illegally; they chose to break the law. In today's technologically advanced society, it should take no longer than applying for a credit card, or even a mortgage to find out if you are approved for a visa to enter the country. Yet, unfortunately the immigration system is a victim of its own bureaucracy.

One solution to solve this problem would be to privatize the immigration processing systems, and allow companies like Visa or Master Card to do the verification of applicants for us. These companies have proven that they can accurately look into a person’s past credit history and determine the financial risk giving a person a line of credit. What makes us think that such systems could not be linked to FBI and Interpol databases, and determine if an immigrant could pose a real threat to the country?

Another solution would be to allow outside contractors to evaluate the approval process, make recommendations for improvement, and then implement those solutions with today's technology.

The immigration system is broke, but with "outside the box" thinking we can make a system that keeps Americans safe, and is fair to immigrants who desperately want to be a part of the American dream.

War on Terror

Since the tragic day of September 11, 2001 our country has been in a global conflict against those who wish to use terrorism and ideological extremism to oppress their people and the people of the world. Iraq and Afghanistan are two essential fronts in the War on Terror, and we must do everything in our power to see victory there.

Many in this country believe that we need to bring the troops home, because they believe that we cannot win in Iraq. Yet, reports out of Iraq are encouraging, and our troops are motivated to see the job finished. Should Congress decide to withdraw our troops too soon, it would create a power vacuum that will only be filled with Islamic extremists who will turn Iraq into a training ground for terrorists.

The Global War on Terrorism is a just and noble cause to hunt down terrorists and bring the fight to them. As long as we are fighting these terrorist in their home countries we will not be fighting them in ours.

We need to stand by our troops and their leaders and give them the complete support they need. War Supplemental Bills should not be political tools that members of Congress use to hurt one another politically, but should be ways that the troops know we are dedicated to victory and will pay any price to ensure victory. If we stand with our troops, and give them what they need to succeed then some day very soon our men and women in uniform will be able to return home heroes and victors. This must be the end goal for all Americans.

Conservative Principles

Since the upset victory in 2006 for the Democratic Party, many Republicans and Conservatives have used the two years to introspectively look at why the GOP lost so handedly. The answer that almost all conservatives came to was that the GOP lost its conservative roots, and forgot why they were elected in the first place. They now realize that if the GOP is to have any hope of electoral success in the future, we must return to first principles.

To be conservative means to hold fast to the strong ideals that makes this country great. Conservatives believe in low taxes, smaller government, personal freedom, the free market, the concrete resoluteness of the Constitution, the sanctity of life, and a strong national defense.

Americans voted for these ideals, and wanted to see the GOP take the country in a direction of lower taxes, smaller government and a strong national defense. Instead they got some tax breaks and larger government. The American people looked to the GOP for leadership on the issue of illegal immigration, and instead got more of the same. This is why in 2006 they put another party in power.

If the GOP ever has hopes of being in the majority again we need to return to first principles, and be sure that we never lose our way again.