"I know not what course others may take, but for me, give me Liberty or give me Death" Patrick Henry

Fred Wood, a native Texan, is seeking to be the United State Representative for Texas’ Congressional District 30. Originally from the Fort Stockton area, Fred and Tammy Wood, his wife of 16 years, have lived in the North Texas area for the past 20 years, where Fred has worked in the IT community and working as a contractor for the government the last 12 years.

Fred grew up with very little, but realized that education was one of the many ways he could better himself. Fred received his first bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from a technical school in Tampa, Florida in 1989. He received his second bachelor’s degree in Finance from Dallas Baptist University in 1994, and his MBA in International Business and Management of Information System in 2004. During this time Fred started two small businesses working as an IT contractor and raising Texas Longhorn cattle and American Quarter Horses.

During his time working for the government Fred Wood recognized many areas where the government needed to be changed. Like many Americans, Fred started out helping in the grassroots, but eventually felt he could do more as an elected official. With two unsuccessful primary bids in 2002 and 2006 for Congress, Fred Wood received the Republican nomination for U.S. Representative of Congressional District 30 in 2008. Understanding directly the issues that face the citizens of District 30, Fred Wood knows that he has the ideas that will effect real change for not only the people of Dallas County, but for all Americans.

Vote Fred Wood for Congress in 2008!